Vik Bansal – How Australia Is Investing In A More Sustainable Future

Finding a sustainable solution for waste management is not a challenge unique to Australia, but its issue has a unique factor: thinking differently. Hence, the great roles played by Vik Bansal. Australia is an ocean nation, and its natural environment is prone to waste pollution from marine litter. Some of this is caused by illegal fishing practices and other forms of waste mismanagement, but much of it is just litter.

An article entitled “Closing the Loop: How Australia is Investing in a More Sustainable Future with Vik Bansal”, share how Australia has given Vik Bansal the country’s waste management industry the confidence to invest in infrastructure and innovation. Bansal also shared how his company; Cleanaway has worked to find ways to transform what may be seen to some as waste into a resource that again has value.

Cleanaway under Vik Bansal helps transform waste into resources and uses the power of science, technology, and innovation to help guide the future of recycling. The company manages waste management for the states of Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, and it’s on a mission to transform our trash into a new-age resource.

Led by Vik Bansal, Cleanaway hopes to capture 25 percent of Australia’s discarded electronic waste and 40 percent of the waste generated by the soft goods sector. Through its e-Waste Solutions, the company has taken an innovative approach to meet this target. So what are they doing with e-waste?

At the moment, they are focusing on electronic scrap, as the industry calls it—so the electronic parts that come out of items such as old computers, laptops, and printers. See this page on LinkedIn, for additional information.

The Closed-Loop Economic (CoLE) is an industry movement that started responding to the global resource consumption crisis. If it could be used to create a closed-loop supply chain, it could be a powerful tool in solving global resource shortages, environmental degradation, and a host of other issues.

Vik has more than 27 years of experience in the waste industry, he led a recent $100 million investment round in Green Matter, the largest recycling company in Australia. He also sits on the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Board.

Previously, he has held senior positions at Telstra, NRMA, and Wesfarmers. Bansal has led the company to strong financial performance and strategy execution. In addition, he has worked on and been a catalyst for successful transformation initiatives for several organizations. Vik Bansal was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia.


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