Utility Warehouse Is A Great Value

Utility Warehouse revolutionized the way services are delivered to households across the United Kingdom. Developed in 2002 by Telecom Plus PLC, Utility Warehouse is the first UK company to consolidate the costs for a number of services into one convenient bill. 

Utility Warehouse makes it possible for people to save time and money. Bundling a variety of services can mean big savings. For example, UW can deliver internet, telephone, heat and other services together. They’re all administered by one company. That means overhead isn’t as high as it would be to receive four or five bills from different companies. All of UW shares support departments, like HR, accounting and administration.

Since its founding almost 20 years ago, Utility Warehouse has grown exponentially. With a staff of just over 1,400 people, they’re able to serve over 500,000 people. UW is based in London, but they serve Britons across the island. What’s more, Utility Warehouse takes an interest in the country it serves. 

In 2020, UW established a foundation. One immediate objective of the UW Foundation is to aid the National Health Service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other goals include supporting sustainability initiatives and underprivileged people. A great example of the Foundation’s commitment to the future is their tree planting program. By March of 2021, Utility Warehouse will have paid to sow 100,000 trees. 

Planting trees is a wonderful way to make Britain’s industries more sustainable. Trees sequester carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere. They also produce oxygen and help to filter the air that people across the UK breathe daily.