Trey Branham – A Lawyer Summary

Trey Branham is one person who values giving a voice to people who have none. This is something he has held close to his heart ever since he graduated from law school in 1999. What is unique about Trey Branham is that he puts people before profits. He would rather sacrifice a well-paying job and use the time he could have spent there to ensure that someone else gets a fair shot in the eyes of the law, even though they cannot afford to pay him. 

This motive drove him to resign from a law firm full of clients to start helping those who needed his services the most. The majority of his clients are workers victimized and harmed by the corporations they work for. He also helps those suffering from mesothelioma. According to him, he feels most satisfied when assisting people in such conditions. 

Trey Branham understands well that he cannot do much about his clients’ health conditions. However, he believes that they deserve fair compensation from their workplaces. So, he works hard towards achieving that objective. He fights even for those who have lost their lives for their families to be fully compensated.

He also encourages his clients to spread the word to the rest of the workers. This way, they get informed that help is not far away just if they need it. They do not have to watch as their fellow workers go through the same trauma as they did when they can connect them to him. 

Trey Branham understands pretty well the power of using his education to better other people’s lives. He is the first person in his family ever to get educated. Therefore, he knows how bad it can get when someone cannot get the help they need. He also has one principle he stands for even with his life – the ability to live life without regrets as long as you are doing right. 

Because of his services, Trey Branham has helped many vulnerable people get what belongs to them and has prevented many companies from harming their workers. This is the true reflection of humanity.