The Story of Alejandro Betancourt and His Contribution to Hawkers Success

As of today, Hawkers Co. has hit the ground running after selling millions of glasses. However, the beginning was humble and began with bringing the right people, such as Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, into the mix.

Who is Alejandro Betancourt Lopez?

Alejandro Lopez is a visionary investor responsible for the ideas that have made Hawker Co. a reputable business giant. He is behind some tactics that that has helped the company to be fast on track. The Hawker Co. was initially started in Spain by four friends who didn’t expect much. It was initially a challenging project before they found unexpected success by selling some sunglasses from California and more

Although the four friends’ brand was trendy, they found it hard to retain their profit. This was when they decided to get in touch with their current president Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. They only had a single task for him: to manage the company’s money without limiting its growth. The strength of his marketing breakthrough is due to his Instagram success story. He exploited this opportunity in the mid-2010s when just a handful of netizens did. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is also probably one of the first people to identify the importance of influencer marketing and the first to pull it off on social media.

His first tactic was to identify several fashionistas who already loved their brand and partner with them to take his company’s brand to the next level. The company has also built its brand by offering five-star customer service; thus, customers are made aware of any issue in the supply chain.

Alejandro Lopez is now looking forward to inspiring the company toward their new initiative of environmentally friendly sunglasses. They aim to sell sunglasses made with ecologically friendly materials and with sustainable packages.