The IM Academy

IM Academy provides digital education services through IM trainers who teach foreign exchange to interested students. The trainers fundamentally conduct live sessions backed up by a library containing content from previous sessions and app-based.

Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre founded IM Academy in New York, USA, in 2013. They aimed to impact people with skills for personal trading. The academy currently boasts around 225000 active clients to its products. The academy’s teaching model ensured no halt of operations during the covid-19 pandemic.

IM trainers or “Educators” provide training through an online service called “goLive.” The academy offers four main learning modules called academies: FRX, HFX, DCX, and ECX. Additionally, there are Elite academies, which are a combination of FRX, HFX, and DCX.

First, the FRX academy involves basic training for foreign currency exchange. This academy has 76 modules. Areas covered include the introduction of forex, the history of forex, and risk management strategies. After the “goLive” sessions, IM trainers test their students’ comprehension through a quiz.

Second, the HFX academy entails training for high frequency exchange. Content covered includes the basics of high frequency exchange, leverage, and spreads. This academy’s structure is similar to FRX but with 95 video modules.

Third, trainers at the IM Academy use the DCX academy to impact students with digital currency exchange skills. Areas covered include an introduction to digital currency, different types of trading, and market volatility. The structure used is similar to FRX’s but involves 25 video modules.

Fourth, the ECX academy is about e commerce lessons and building an online business. Students learn content such as the introduction to e commerce, development of online business, and customer service provision during e commerce. ECX’s academy structure is similar to the one trainer use in FRX, but there are 450 video modules used for learning. Lastly, the Elite academy entails a combination of all four academies. Go here for more information.


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