Pushing The Boundaries: Richard DeVaul

Ideas come and go in our minds each and every day. The mediocre ones seem to pop up more than the good ones. This is what Richard DeVaul lives for. He loves it when someone can come up with a really good idea with practical implications. That is why he went into the business world. He likes taking businesses to the next level. It is his passion. It is what he was born to do.

Richard DeVaul wants people to get motivated to be innovators. He doesn’t like it when people say they are successful and yet stays still in their profession. He wants them to move forward and up the ladder. He wants people to get excited when it comes to new projects and coming up with new things. You don’t have to be a nerd to come up with innovative ideas. They can come out of nowhere and change a whole industry.

Richard helps leaders of companies move forward with new ideas. He tries to help them get a picture in their minds about how the new idea will work.

He also wants leaders to encourage ideas from their coworkers. this way it is a team effort and not just one single person. Everyone can share the credit. He wants people to understand what innovation really is. once they can do that then they can move forward. See this page for more information.

Richard DeVaul has made his career out of being an innovator. He has a Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Media Arts and Sciences. He went to work for Google for five years as a Rapid Evaluation Team Leader. This helped him get where he is now. He gets together with leaders of companies and helps them become innovators in their respective industries. He really loves his job.


Additional information can be found on https://devaul.medium.com/