PosiGen Helps Cash-Strapped Residents Pay Electricity Bills

A Louisiana solar power company wants people to know that they can save thousands of dollars on their energy bills by installing a new alternative energy system with no upfront costs on their homes. PosiGen’s unique selling plan is within the rapidly expanding solar energy sector. The company will install a six-kilowatt solar power electrical generation system for a flat rate of $50 per month. That comes along with a 10-year lease. A 20-year lease is also available. 


In exchange, customers will earn a percentage of the savings that result from the energy their solar panels produce. PosiGen requires no down payment. It does not even require a credit check. From the beginning, PosiGen has sought to serve working-class people who might not otherwise be able to afford a new solar power system (Natureworldnews). 


The company also focuses on poor families and those struggling economically in other ways, such as the result of disaster situations. Most firms that deal in solar panel installation for homes compete in the middle-class to the high-income customer market. But the founders of the solar power company believe that the people who can benefit the most from saving $50 on energy bills are those already having a hard time paying utility bills. The PosiGen marketing strategy has proven remarkably successful. To date, the company has installed more than 14,000 solar systems for homeowners across several states. Furthermore, the company will provide maintenance and monitoring of installed solar panels for the lifetime of the system. 

The equipment includes Hanwha Q-Cell panels, Everest system racking and SolarEdge inverters. Once the PosiGen solar power system is installed with no fee on a home, the solar panels are connected to the electricity grid that serves the home. In the whole process called net metering, all the energy produced by the solar panels is essentially sold back to the utility company that supplies the electricity. For example, if the PosiGen system generates $50 worth of electricity in one month and a customer’s power bill is $300, their bill is trimmed to $250. With PosiGen, customers gain greater financial security while also helping to solve our planet’s climate crisis by producing clean, green non carbon electricity.