Good Sets of Ears: ClassDojo

The way students learn today is far different from the years before. The same can be said for teachers as well. Some can be really good at what they do and inspire the best out of their students. Parents can also benefit from teachers in that they influence their children. One of the new ways that teachers are influencing students is through an app called ClassDojo. The reason it has become the success that it has is due to the input of teachers first.

This is how ClassDojo started. Co-founders Sam Choudhry and Liam Dom had an idea. He wanted to talk to teachers and see what they would want in an app to help make learning more fun. This is the launching pad that the app needed. Now it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It is being used in different languages all over the world and makes learning fun for everyone.

One of the teachers that use ClassDojo on a daily basis is Cindy Price. It helps her keep track of messages from parents, student performance, and the daily school news. She uses the app to set up her lesson plans for the day. She can add points for good behavior and take away points for misconduct. She says that it is so popular at the school all of the teachers use it and most of the parents do as well.

ClassDojo is one of those apps that keep everyone in the loop. Students can use it to perform well in class and build up skills. Teachers can use it to make sure things are done on time. Parents can get in touch with teachers at any time to see how their children are doing in school. That is why ClassDojo is so popular. Everyone really loves it.

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