Dr. Venus Nicolino’s Life and Work

Dr. Venus Nicolino is a renowned shrine all over America. People know her due to her sharp tongue and harsh advice, which is quite different from what other psychologists have to say. Growing up in West Philly, she saw how real people struggle to earn a living and fend for a large family of seven. 


Her father was the sole breadwinner taking care of the family’s needs by repairing old Chevys. Dr. Venus learned her work ethic from her dad. She got into the shrink business to help people know how to survive. Dr. Venus Nicolino prefers calling it self-help work. The family therapist and counselor believes that you must give people sober advice that will work for this generation and solve their day-to-day challenges. 


She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She uses her wealth of education to help people achieve mental wellness. No matter how sharp-tongued she may be, Dr. Venus Nicolino helps thousands of people who need her wake-up call. Dr. Venus Nicolino recently released a best-selling book on surviving in this age. 


The book is among the top five books that can change your life once you read it. She addresses some age-old theories that never work in this generation and gives people a new thinking style. Instead of oppression by theories that never seem to work, she provides a new self-help idea: nobody is perfect. As Dr. Venus Nicolino explains, this is an excellent way to liberate yourself and motivate you to keep giving your best the way you know. 


Many people turn to her for sober and relatable advice that fits this generation. People now classify Dr. Venus Nicolino among the top forward thinkers in the world. She is on all social media platforms to help you take charge of the information that goes into your brain. You can also listen to her podcast, Tea with Dr. Venus Nicolino, and get your dosage of advice served hot.