Betsy DeVos Is A Highly Driven Person

Some people simply have a drive in life. They are not content with the ordinary. They want something more. They know that the world can be a better place just because they have been in it. This is one thing that Betsy DeVos totally gets in her life. She is not content with things as they are. This is something that all who interact with her know well. They see someone who is very driven and willing to stand up. They also know this is someone who is very much on top of things. She is someone who knows that things can and should be made better. This is something that has marked the whole of her career. As a young woman, she was very much willing to part of the political process in her home state of Michigan. As a grown up, she’s continued to make this process of political advocacy her own personal passion.


Very Driven


Betsy DeVos is from Michigan. This is one of the largest of all American states. She grew up her and learned what it meant to be a much larger community. Those who grew to know her learned that she meant business from the very first. They also learned that she had much to teach them. Betsy DeVos knows that it is a good idea to stick to her guns. She made a name for herself in this state. Many Michigan residents realized she was someone who was willing to stand up for things in this state. Her fellow Michigan Republicans also learned that she could teach them a lot about how to make changes. They rapidly learned to admire her sheer determination and hard work on behalf of important Republican causes. That is something she’s done in her national career.


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