Tom S Chang MD: Utilizing His Medical Expertise to Enlighten Patients on Eye Strain Prevention

Tom S Chang MD is a world-renowned physician whose passion for medicine led him to acquire a perfectly blended trifecta of medical skills as an educator, clinician, and surgeon. As an earnest medical professional, he has employed his services as an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology (University of British Columbia and Doheny Eye Institute), Retina Fellowship Director (Doheny Eye Institute), and medical entrepreneur as the founder of the RIC (Retina Institute of California). Tom S Chang MD and his ophthalmic practice in macular degeneration and research in health outcome assessments have provided him with the credible privilege of working with numerous CEOs and professional athletes.


Also it has also provided him with the remarkable opportunity of being an advisor on the scientific board to several prominent Fortune 500 businesses. Nevertheless, as a notable ophthalmologist, Tom Chang MD dutifully optimizes his role within healthcare by striving to build communicative relationships with patients. He consistently advises them on the importance of self-care. In the medical realm of ophthalmology, specialized ophthalmologist Tom S Chang MD admits that eyestrain is found to be a common condition that patients often suffer from because they lack the knowledge on how to identify the signs and prevent it. 


According to Dr. Chang, symptoms of eyestrain are usually found to be blurred or double vision, dry eyes, nausea, and increased sensitivity to sunlight. Moreover, if patients find themselves affected by any of these symptoms, Tom S Chang MD advises that patients should apply warm compresses and incorporate blinking and yawning to alleviate the eyestrain, wear proper eyewear, adjust device settings, and refrain from using the eyes to focus for long periods of time.

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