The Professional Journey of Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander is an experienced comedy producer and writer known for his good projects in the entertainment industry. Andrew was born in London, and his father later moved them to Canada. Alexander has studied at Tri-State College and Ryerson University before starting his career practice. Andrew has worked in different entertainment sectors following the comp0lition of his education. Thompson Newspaper was his first job later joining Beaver Newspaper. After that, Andrew worked as an editor for Ski Magazine and Global Village Theater as a co-producer of the night shows. Andrew later started working for Ivanhoe Theater in Chicago and met the co-founder and owner of The Second City, which he would later own.

Alexander offered to pay the debts of the failing Toronto The Second City with a reward of operating Canada’s The Second City. As a result, Alexander built his career and impacted several entertainers by bringing their careers to life. Andrew was the producer or executive producer of several projects in Canada and the United States in The Second City. In addition, Len Stuart and Andrew Alexander started The Second City Entertainment Company, the television show SCTV that Andrew is well known for in his career.

Stuart and Andrew became owners of the Second City Chicago. Andrew still led The Second City in Canada and United States till 2020, delivering his unmatched experience in production and writing. The Chicago Magazine has recognized Andrew as one of the 100 powerful Chicagoans due to his impressive achievement in entertainment and production. The impact Andrew has made in the entertainment sector has improved different production projects.

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