Severe Weather Alerts From Citizen App


It’s that time of year where everything takes a turn for the worse. With Hurricane season in full swing, Citizen is ready to keep you informed with severe weather alerts! Citizen App is designed to allow users to report what they see on their neighborhood watch.

Citizen has partnered with NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) to make sure you are notified when something big is happening in your area.

Citizen App’s severe Weather Alerts work by allowing you to notify community members of severe weather in real-time. Whether it’s hail, tornadoes, or damaging winds that are causing the trouble, Citizen App users are able to report what they are seeing on their neighborhood watch. Then for those who sign up to be notified of high priority notifications, will be notified with Citizen severe weather alerts.

Citizen App is the only app that allows you to report what you see on your neighborhood watch, then connects you to an authentic citizen community that can provide assistance. When there are disasters or emergencies, it’s the most efficient way for neighbors to communicate directly, share information and work together.

Through Citizen App, users have the ability to report what they see, including their exact location. The reports go directly to those in the surrounding neighborhood who have opted-in as a Citizen community member. As a result, an engaged neighborhood can work together to help one another and first responders through better real-time communication. For each situation, users have the opportunity to report and describe their experiences, such as flooding in a street or building, dangerous road conditions like black ice, break-ins in progress or anything else that they believe is critical.

Citizen severe weather alerts allow users to do just that by covering hail, tornado and wind-related events. With the east coast of the United States being hit with a ton of storms recently, having an app that allows you to receive these alerts is crucial! Stay safe everyone. Refer to this page for more information.


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