Payam Banazadeh Journey On Creating Capella Space

Technology is increasingly incorporated in so many applications and creations to move with the trendy market. Many are inspired to change the view outcomes of technology in making valuable devices that impact the world positively. Payam Banazadeh is a celebrated hero in his own making through the foundation of Capella Space. It is simply a silicon valley company that has built the largest constellation of satellites. The commercial synthetic Aperture Radar has timely been on the lookout monitoring any change within the planet earth.

Change is essential to how things are done; Payam Banazadeh’s entry into entrepreneurship was not coincidental. He was inspired to change when Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappeared, and there were no records of the missing plane ever. Therefore he saw the need to create a system that could monitor any changes and track other elements getting into the earth. Through the data like satellites, they have been relied on at any time for any observation.

Recapping to the days when technology was still advancing, the earth was monitored through optical satellites. They can not be relied on to provide real-time data because they were affected even by the weather patterns. They also reworked simply like the cameras. But through technology, just like Payam Banazadeh incorporated the SAR into satellites, they emit their energy hence reliable anytime. There is still a bigger space to fill, but Payam Banazadeh shows there is room for technological development.

His learning skills as an Aerospace Engineer from the University of Texas at Austin contributed to his career immensely. Payam Banazadeh, profoundly inspired and knowledgeable, grew to put his skills into practical use after interning in NASA. Through the agency, he was promoted severally before leaving the company as a Lead Project System Engineer and receiving honorary awards for his work. Top magazines have recognized his company in the world.