Mark Hauser’s Commitment to the Fitness Industry

For over three decades, Mark Hauser has worked his way up the business ladder to where he is today. He is a managing director at Hauser private Equity. His career journey started after completing his degree in business administration. Before founding HEP, he worked at Cincinnati’s Reynolds DeWitt and Co, where he rose to vice president.

Having been born to a father who had a passion for football, mark Hauser was interested in fitness and wellness. He, therefore, came together with Bob Castellini and 1990, and together they created the Cincinnati Sports Club. At first, the two business persons wanted to create a sports mall where people would get everything they needed for their sporting activities. Later on, they decided to venture into the whole job, and today the club proudly owns 16 acres of land, which serves as a fitness and lifestyle club. An idea from two people with the same interest has grown to a world-class label of sporting facilities and activities over the years.

Amenities in the Cincinnati sports club

.Indoor athletic field

.Tonic Spa and salon

.Racquetball court

.Tennis court

.Swimming pool

.Basketball court

.Fitness room

.Spinning bikes

As Cincinnati sports club is celebrating its 31st birthday, Mark Hauser remains a co-founder and owner. He has not stopped at that. Using his company, HPE, he has invested in different fitness and wellness sectors. Through the funds from HPE, Mark Hauser has invested in firms that deal with fitness, including Barry’s Boot camp and Planet Fitness, among others.

Mark Hauser is also a national management service in partnership with Beacon Orthopedics and Sports medicine. This program allows professionals to provide services to people who are injured during sporting and wellness activities. The main agenda of creating the MSO is to ensure that being patient-centered, they give the best care and treatment to their patients. That will, at the end of the day, help them develop the best orthopedic management company.

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