M Patrick Carroll, The Continental Real Estate Genius

Over the course of his real estate career, M Patrick Carroll has developed many properties into a multi-billion-dollar empire alongside his company GFH. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia GFH has offices in Raleigh, Tampa, New York, and Houston. Moving out of the east coast for the first time, GFH has now purchased over $200 million in community properties in the ever-growing cities of Las Vegas. Leading the company, M Patrick Carroll has sold, developed, or purchased over $12 billion in real estate properties. Carroll has been wanting to expand westward for some time now, especially targeting cities such as Phoenix, Denver, and cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Finally getting the opportunity to the west is a massive opportunity for Carroll and GFH. According to the United States census bureau, Las Vegas has been a growing city in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. M Patrick Carroll and GFH now own over 800 different apartments in Las Vegas, which will prove to be quite a fruitful investment. Carroll’s diverse portfolio includes retail communities, single-family residential homes, as well as student housing. This has led him to over 28,000 properties in total, not include the over 800 he just purchased in Las Vegas. Starting at just 24 years of age, M Patrick Carroll has turned himself into one of the largest real estate entrepreneurs in the United States. His consistency with positive returns and reliability have given him unlimited opportunities to invest across the entire United States.

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