David Schmidt is an inventor, Founder, and CEO of LifeWave technology.

He went to Pace University in Pleasantville, where he studied Management Information Systems and Biology.

He then pursued several entrepreneurial strives, which led to his successful businesses and companies involved in manufacturing and product development.

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Schmidt came up with several companies, one being Advanced Applicators Group, which majored in research and development in specialized energy production technology, which came in handy for both military and commercial applicators.

Schmidt’s innovations earned him an honorary doctorate by Alexander Marinaccio of the International Hall of Fame Inventors.

LifeWave Technology emerged from Schmidt’s intensive research on the concept of the probability of being able to naturally increase energy and stamina through elevation of fat burning, employing wireless communication to the human body through phototherapy.

The technology is now available to the public as Schmidt has worked for the past fifteen years to make it a reality.

Since the Establishment of LifeWave Technology in 2004, Schmidt has supervised its operations and hastened to more than 200 employees with offices in the U.S., Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and Malaysia.

The company has more than a dozen warehouses and distribution facilities all over the world.

Schmidt is known as a man of focus, and he cites the work of Thomas Edison as the main motivation in his determination.

His fervor manifests itself in a number of ways, most notably in his inventions.

He also participated in a US Navy mini-sub project, where he worked to develop new methods supporting energy and stamina among elite Navy personnel.

Leisure was not taken for granted by Schmidt. During his innovations as it is believed that the brain uses that time to regenerate hence working better, ensuring better results.

Cultivating focus and consistency in the workflow has also been a boost to David’s success which is clearly seen in the growth of LifeWave as he strives to deliver new and healthy offerings to his customers.