Larry Baer: The Visionary Behind Major League Baseball’s Golden Era

Under Larry Baer, Giants is one of the most successful in all of baseball with two World Series Championships in three of the last four years and Major League Baseball’s Highest Gross Revenue in 2015. Baer is active in major league baseball and all of Major League Baseball’s committees and task forces that address a variety of issues. These include: National Broadcasters, Ad Campaigns, and All-Star Games. In 2017, he served as a member of MLB’s Competition Committee, which is responsible for improving and monitoring the competitive balance of Major League Baseball.

The Giants CEO helped lead the Giants ownership group to purchasing the Giants in 1992, and in 2000, helped negotiate the sale of the team to a group headed by Peter Magowan. Magowan remains the controlling owner and the club’s only member of the Giants ownership family.

Prior to working with the Giants, Larry Baer helped negotiate the transfer of ownership of the San Francisco 49ers, which was signed in December 1988 by Jack Kent Cooke and his daughter, Kathryn, who together owned 49% of the franchise. Under the terms of the agreement, Kathryn Cooke will continue to serve as a controlling owner of the 49ers with a non-controlling interest.

The mission of the Giants is “to win and to be a model franchise.” The SF Giants CEO has been a key architect of the Giants’ ownership group’s long-term vision and strategic plan, has been key in the construction of the Giants new stadium in San Francisco. He’s also responsible for the team’s current and future business and operational planning and the development of business partnerships. Larry Baer’s goal is to build on the club’s competitive success and to continue to serve fans.

His leadership and financial support of many of the Giants and Major League Baseball’s elite programs are well-known, but the impact of his strategic approach to the business of the Giants has been especially impactful. Baer has is part of his familial legacy: Larry’s father was a founding partner of the investment banking firm, Warburg Dillon Read, a pioneer in merger and acquisitions as a major catalyst in transforming modern American finance and enterprise. See related link for additional information.


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