Jessica Dean’s Life and Her Experience as a Legal Practitioner

Jessica Dean is not new to corridors of justice. She started practicing law way back in 2003. Her parents played a big role in shaping her life. They gave her unwavering support and inculcated invaluable work ethics, which she carries to date. She studied law at Boston University and then moved to Dallas to start her legal career. She later joined Dean Omar Branham Shirley three years later. 

The law firm dealt with clients who had Mesothelioma cancer due to being exposed to asbestos. Jessica Dean finished her first assignment at the law firm successfully. It was a case involving a client who had gotten cancer due to asbestos exposure. She recalls that her duty regarding this case was to determine whether the company knew about the dangers of asbestos and what they did about it. Jessica Dean says she has a strong team around her who support and empower her, especially when handling hard trials. She yearns to become a lawyer who helps people find justice and thus make the community better.

She acknowledges that some companies are remorseful of their actions and take steps to atone for their mistakes. Others act in total disregard of the safety of workers and deny wrongdoing. Jessica wants to live in a community that seeks legal redress as a last resort. She also hopes to see the justice system uphold the rule of law to protect people from harm. She says she wants to honor her parents by doing what they taught her.