The Legend Of Desiree Perez Grows In The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has always been dominated by a small group of insiders who have guarded their properties intensely, but for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation business a number of new entrants to the entertainment industry have been guiding the rapper for more than two decades. The majority of executives in the music and entertainment sector remain male, middle-aged men, a stereotype executives like Desiree Perez are looking to break down.

Desiree Perez has been named by many industry insiders as one of the influential Hova Circle, a group of executives and creatives working within Roc Nation to build an even more successful company than ever before. Roc Nation and its stable of artists have benefitted greatly from the negotiating and business skills of Desiree Perez as can be seen in the $25 million sponsorship deal negotiated by Perez between Rihanna and electronics giant, Samsung and learn more about Des Perez.

Despite heading the newly created Roc Nation Sports agency already attracting many of the top U.S. sports stars, Desiree Perez has also been working to negotiate an extension to the contract signed with Live Nation in 2008 to form a unique partnership. The deal worth around $100 million was signed in 2008 with Desiree Perez often referred to as the chief negotiator for a deal responsible for developing the initial success of the Roc Nation brand and what Des Perez knows.

Desiree Perez has been at the heart of the growth of Roc Nation and the SC Enterprises brand created by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter for more than two decades and remains one of the most influential members of the management team at the company. Chiefly known for her negotiating skills, Perez has seen her profile raised in recent months as the negotiations have begun with many music industry companies to create new partnerships such as that signed with the Universal Music Group.

Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco Sees Mixed Results

The great investor Warren Buffet is fond of quipping that when a star CEO takes over a bad business, the only one who leaves with their reputation intact is the business. While Bradesco is not only not a bad business but arguably a very good one, it is nonetheless competing in one of the most cutthroat banking markets in the entire world. It has been under these conditions of hyper-competition that Luiz Carlos Trabuco, widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced bankers in Brazil, took the helm of what at that time was Brazil’s second largest banking conglomerate. The results have been mixed. But Trabuco has one major coup to his credit: the acquisition of HSBC Brazil.

From summer job to CEO

Trabuco’s story is inspirational. In an era of crony capitalism and CEOs being recruited from outside firms, it is refreshing to learn of a man who made his way all the way to the top of a firm from all the way at the bottom.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started out his banking career in 1959. At just 18 years old, he needed a summer job to earn some extra cash. His application was accepted at the branch of a bank that was, at the time, little more than a local institution with a couple branches in the sleepy town of Marilia.

Over the next few decades, Luiz Carlos Trabuco would earn two degrees by putting himself through college and would continue rising through the ranks of Bradesco. By the late 1980s, he was a major executive vice president for the firm, managing hundreds of employees for one of the most rapidly expanding institutions in the country. It’s not a mere coincidence that Bradesco itself rose in lock step with Trabuco’s rise within it. Many insiders say that Trabuco’s talents proved to be a decisive factor in the firm’s success in each of the departments where he was given management roles.

This stellar performance record did not go unnoticed by the company’s brass. In 1992, Trabuco was given his first true executive role within the company. He was named the president of the firm’s financial planning division, at that time a minor part of the business, accounting for just a few percent of the company’s total revenues. Under Trabuco’s leadership, the financial planning business exploded. By 2003, it accounted for more than 25 percent of the firm’s profits, making it an indispensable part of Bradesco’s business.

This quickly led to Trabuco being identified as the main candidate to lead the firm’s large insurance underwriting wing. In 2003, he was appointed CEO of Bradesco Seguros. Trabuco quickly began growing the already significant business into an insurance powerhouse, eventually leading it on to become the single largest underwriter of retail insurance policies in all of Brazil. This phenomenal growth earned him the trust and admiration of the board and the executive suite. Thus, in 2009, when outgoing CEO Mario Cypriano was slated to step down, after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65, Trabuco was the natural candidate to take his place.

But leading the firm as a whole would prove more difficult than growing any of its individual arms. Trabuco inherited a firm that had largely played out its organic growth. With the Brazilian banking industry now largely matured, the only way to generate significant organic growth would be to steal customers away from its arch rival, Itau Unibanco. But there was still one sure-fire way to achieve quick growth. Trabuco needed to find a suitable target for acquisition.

In 2015, he found it. HSBC Brazil was dissatisfied with ongoing losses in the Brazilian market. They wanted out. Trabuco jumped on the case, quickly making an attractive offer to acquire all of HSBC’s Brazilian assets. Eventually, Bradesco acquired the firm for $5.2 billion, in an all-cash deal.

Trabuco has not achieved growth. But going forward, he has positioned his firm to be the most competitive bank in Brazil.

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Eric Lefkofsky can Help Investors in Hospitals Save a Lot Of Money

Today, more than ever, hospitals and other medical facilities are privately owned. They sometimes owned by doctors, sometimes owned by medical schools, and sometimes owned by private investors. Regardless of who owns a medical establishment, they are putting out a lot of money every month on medical supplies. Majority of the money spent on medical supplies is spent to check people and treat people for cancer. Eric Lefkofsky has made a recent discovery, however, that is aimed to help owners of medical establishments save lots of money.

The new discovery made by Eric Lefkofsky is called Tempus. This is a digital platform that can be downloaded and installed into any computer regardless of the processor. This digital platform is rapidly becoming the leading in detecting cancer at its earliest stages. With Tempus, all of the traditional ways of checking for cancer do not exist. This means owners of medical establishments do not have to spend money on medicines and machines that are used to check for cancer.

Tempus is not expensive, and Eric Lefkofsky makes sure that all owners of medical establishments understand the various payment plans available for Tempus. The most common payment plan is a low monthly plan that is extremely less than the traditional cost needed to check and treat various types of cancers and learn more about Eric.

In the past, traditional methods of checking for cancer were not always accurate. This has caused owners of medical establishments to have several lawsuits launched against them. Eric Lefkofsky gives the promise that Tempus is 100% percent accurate 100% of the time and more information click here.

The greatest thing about Tempus is the post benefits it gives to medical facilities. When a patient is being checked for cancer, Tempus will automatically recall any similar symptoms that were found in past patience; this data goes all the way back to the day Tempus was installed in the facility. In seconds doctors can make decisions regarding a patient needing cancer treatment or not. This also means doctors are able to see more patients on a daily basis.

Regardless of how many patients a medical facility has a daily basis, the price of Tempus will always stay the same. When hospital investors purchase Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky also gives details regarding how the hospital can make more money in a quick amount of time. Tempus even comes with 24 hour customer service that is available seven days a week; this includes major holidays, too.

If an investor would like to know about Tempus, he/she can contact Eric Lefkofsky’s office by email or by telephone. A representative of Eric himself will give the investor all the important details regarding Tempus. Investors even have the right to try Tempus for sixty days without paying a penny. If they do not like it, they are under no commitment to purchase Tempus, and investors do not have to worry about receiving sales calls and emails on a daily basis. Eric Lefkofsky does not run his business this way and Eric Lefkofsky’s lacrosse camp.

All skeptical investors have the right to visit the Tempus website. There they can find various reviews from investors and even doctors that use Tempus on a daily basis. Any review that was ever left on the Tempus website has been positive. There is even contact information available for the individuals that have left the reviews on the website.

Beneficial Beneful

Beneful’s line of grain free dog food is made from real meat, vegetables, and fruit. This particular type of dog food is healthier than others because of its commitment to quality, completely balanced nutrition, and its nourishing levels of vitamins A and E. Also, many consumers report that their dog wouldn’t eat any other kind of grain free dog food because Beneful’s tasted better, an important factor for your dog.

Another great Beneful option is their healthy weight line. It helps dog maintain or achieve a healthy weight by using all real chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it’s a great choice for keeping dogs healthy. Beneful’s healthy weight line is highly recommended by most customers for keeping their dogs at a stable weight or by helping their dogs lose excess weight and Beneful’s website.


The Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz and Edison Research Vice President of Strategy Tom Webster disclosed the results of progressive studies of advertising tests which were based on five leading national consumer brands across five diverse service and product categories. It was the first-ever study of a pre and post-campaign brand lift for podcast advertisers and was conducted in the course of the last half of 2016.



  • More than 60% of the audience the mentioned a particular grocery brand post- campaign, up from 7% among audience members in the pre-study.
  • An increase of 47% in the unaided product awareness for financial services product from the pre-study to the post-study, by 24% for a lawn and garden product and by 37% for an automobile aftermarket product.
  • More than one-third of respondents had a positive opinion of an automobile aftermarket product which was an increase from 18% in the pre-study. In the post-study, about 22% of respondents claimed that they were likely to use a lawn and garden product which was an increase from 16% in the pre-study.
  • An increase of 60% in awareness of a particular campaign message for an automobile aftermarket product from the pre-study to the post-study and a casual dining restaurant by 76%.


These results showed that podcast audiences are receptive to brand messages and have the willingness to purchase those brands. It was a successful research study to PodcastOne whose primary focus is to independently verify that the podcast format provides enhanced brand impact well beyond advertising formats.

Norman is also the Founder of Westwood One which under his administration turned into America’s biggest radio network and provider of sports, news, talk, entertainment and traffic programming to the Broadcast business. He also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Norman Pattiz to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America and was later reappointed by President Bush in 2002.


Moreover, Norman Pattiz is the Chairman of Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and also serves as a Regent of the University of California. He is among the members of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations. In 2009, he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and won the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.


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Why The Family Owned Aloha Construction Is The Acme Of Craftsmanship

Someone wise once said that the best business to work with is a family owned business. It’s no wonder Aloha Construction has been causing major, hard-to-ignore ripples in the construction industry for good reasons.


Some of the services provided by Aloha Construction Company includes door installation, siding repair, window installation, cedar siding, insulation installation, soffit installation, stucco installation, roof cleaning as well as roof waterproofing. And if the reviews available on their official website and social media pages are anything to go by, then they are good at what they do.


They will always have a happy, knowledgeable customer care agent at the end of the line to provide clients with estimated quotations on the services they are seeking to acquire from them. Some of the areas served by Aloha Construction includes Lake Zurich, Round Lake and Vernon Hills and the surrounding areas.


Apart from giving its clients nothing but the best services, Aloha Construction is also insured. This means that it is much safer to put all your proverbial eggs in their basket because they will always have you covered in case of an unforeseen accident. Their highly trained and motivated workforce have all the experience needed to bring their most, if not all, of their clients dreams into reality.


To that effect, Aloha Construction has been noticed and awarded with an array of certifications as well as accolades including Better Business Bureau (BBB). Some of the memberships that the company has Aloha Construction includes Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) and the Building Trades Association (BTA) just to mention a few.


Last but not least, Aloha Construction makes sure that they are offering affordable services to their clients. And that explains why the Illinois based, family owned construction company is always thriving.–147077274/pp


Eva Moskowitz’s Contribution to Public Education in the US

Eva Moskowitz has played a big role in the improvement of public education in the US, and she is still as passionate about education as ever. She is particularly known for her success with the charter schools movement, the most recent development being the Success Academy in New York. Eva holds a BA in history from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in history from Johns Hopkins University.


Soon after she was done with her studies, she began teaching history in various universities, including the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, City University of New York, and Columbia University. Through her school years and her 10 years’ experience as a professor of history, she got firsthand experience of the US public education and felt that it was lacking in many aspects. This is where she got the motivation to start the charter schools movement, which aims to improve public education by privatizing it.


Eva Moskowitz was a member of the Upper East Side, New York, City Council between 1999 and 2005. She was the chairperson of the Education Committee, and made major reforms to education in the city during her tenure. In 2012, she co-authored Mission Possible with Arin Lavinia. Eva Moskowitz is passionate about education and works with a number of organizations which are focused at improving public education in the US. She is a member of the Students First NY board. She also runs the Great Public Schools Political Action Committee, which provides financial support to charter schools.




Running the charter schools has been a challenge for Eva Moskowitz but she will stop at nothing to ensure that students get the quality of education they deserve. She appeals to the government to improve non-charter schools so as to improve students’ academic performance and bring them up to par with the rest of the world. Despite the numerous challenges that Eva Moskowitz faces, she continues going strong and fighting even harder for the betterment of public education in the US.

Talk Fusion Gains Ground With Wide Spectrum of Consumers

Talk Fusion has become the company that people are talking about quite a bit. It has made it easier for business owners to conduct video conferencing sessions with employees that may not be in the same geographical location. It has also help entrepreneurs market their business through video email newsletters. Even home owners can benefit from the personal use of Talk Fusion to send video messages to other family members or simply engage in video chat through this software. Learn more:


Talk Fusion has become one of the most successful companies to engage consumers in a better way to communicate. CEO Bob Reina is certainly doing his part when it comes to building a better communication platform. He has been able to help people find a better way to connect with consumers because he has put a lot of time and effort into the building of a better video resolution with great real time connectivity. Learn more:


There are going to be a lot of people that will take a look at what Bob has done with Talk Fusion and embrace the great amount of simplicity that goes into this effective software solution. Many people have complained that software that is used for video conferencing is somewhat complex to set up. Bob knew that it would be easier to attract a whole nation of software users that needed video conferencing if he could make it easier to use. He realizes as someone that did not have a technology background that there was going to be a need for software that was not going to be overly complicated. This is the main reason that he put so much time into making sure that the software would be able to connect with users even if they were not technologically savvy. It appears that this may be one of the reasons that this software has been able to become a global force in the technology World. Talk Fusion has become something that is used in school systems and businesses around the world. It is a very prolific software platform for video conferencing and email video newsletter marketing.

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Bruno Fagali’s Successful Legal Career

Bruno Fagali is a highly acclaimed lawyer from Brazil. His success has, however, not come on a silver platter. He has attended several colleges and universities to acquire the skills that are attributed to him. In 1997, Bruno Fagali attended the Canadian International College where he learned the English language. He took further studies in English in 2001 at the Mohawk College to improve his knowledge. Between 2004 and 2008, he undertook a Bachelor of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.

During the same time in 2008, Bruno Fagali studied electoral law at the Brazilian Society of Public Law. In 2009, still at the Brazilian Society of Public Law, he studied Parliamentary Law. Between 2010 and 2012, he attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, where he specialized in administrative law. He is an alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo. He graduated from the institution with a Master in Law of the State, Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law.

Bruno Fagali’s massive education has assured him of a variety of jobs in his life. He started his career in 2007 at the Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm in Sao Paulo Brazil, where he served for one year. He furthered his internship at the Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers from 2008 to the end of 2009. His hard work finally paid off in 2012, when he was employed as a lawyer at the Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia still in Sao Paulo.

In 2016, Bruno Fagali decided to quit formal employment and started his own law firm; Fagali Advocacy. Apart from running his own law firm, he also is a Corporate Integrity Manager at New/sb, which is one of the largest advertising firms in Brazil. His role is to design and oversee the implementation of the Corporate Integrity Program. his specialization are in Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Electoral, and Anti-corruption Law.


How to Grow a Nest Egg

$1 million was wagered by Warren Buffet for the benefit of charity that he will get a better return for his investment than a group of hedge fund managers. The bet looks like it is leaning in the favor of Warren Buffet thus far and more information click here.

According to Buffet, there are just far too many funds that are too expensive and that actually shortchange its investors. Buffet has an approach of bottom-up investing that involves analyzing companies and building a better portfolio. This method has proven to be a successful one over the years and is the one that Buffet chooses to stick to. Buffet has a message to invest and stay invested and to save for retirement and learn more about Timothy.

In a recent shareholder letter, Buffet offered a valuable perspective on this topic and advised to be very wary of product labels. Many mutual funds only give a so-so return in the long-run mostly thanks to incredibly high management fees and trading. The risks that come with these funds are either unknown or greatly underestimated as well and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

The key is to get good long-term investment returns and you need to keep your costs as low as possible in order to achieve this. Passive index returns are not as safe as they once were thought to be and they do not offer a cushion against down markets so it’s best to be wary of these types of funds. Only about half of the 1200 investors in these funds were even aware that these funds exposed them to 100 percent of the losses during market downturns. It is far better to do better than most investors in bad times in order to grow your nest egg in the long run. The average managed fud has done worse than the market overall but there are some exceptions to this statement and resume him.

Timothy Armour has been working for Capital Group Management for 34 years and holds his bachelor’s degree in economics. He attended Middlebury College and he was also a participant in The Associates Program at Capital as well. He is now chairman and executive officer of Capital Group.

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