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Three Best Practices For Investing With Alexander Green Of The Oxford Club

Making investment decisions is one of the most stressful, nail-biting, resentment-causing activities adults make. Even if one is choosing between high-quality portfolios for long-term growth, which almost always yield similar returns over the long run, at least when being serviced by reputable financial advisors, there’s almost always resentment if other options could have turned out better, and tons of other negative emotions if you don’t pick the highest-yielding option.

The Oxford Club is a group of seasoned investors that provides its roughly 157,000 international members with current takes on the latest news regarding stocks, bonds, futures, options, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments.

Keep these three tips in mind throughout your investment activities.

Slicing down the costs of trading is highly important for investors. Although we often don’t realize it, engaging in high trade volumes several times a year is substantially more expensive than buying to hold for years at a time. It’s OK to let bombing stocks go to prevent losses – but don’t do so too often.

Always save up money. Americans have been shown to save too little money for retirement, causing them to prematurely pull investments out of portfolios, effectively losing money.

Get rid of over performing stocks before they tank. Always ask your advisor what they think about the most valuable, low-priced stocks are, and add them.

About Alexander Green

Alexander Green is best known as the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, and also works for Investment U, both acting as means to teach the general public about wise investing decisions.

Mr. Green has written four best-selling books, countless articles regarding consumer finance, and tons of investment letters throughout his career.

The Oxford Club Detailed

In 1989, The Oxford Club was formed by a group of financial advisors, investors, and entrepreneurs. Today, Alexander Green leads the company, currently headquartered in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland.