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Securus Technologies Stopping Drug Flow in Prison

In order to keep the drugs out of prison, me and my fellow corrections officers have to stay vigilant and really be aggressive in our efforts. These inmates spend every minute of every day behind these walls, so they have the advantage of time on their side and being able to spot weakness in the system. Despite our best efforts, it seems like the inmates have developed more ways to outsmart us as far as getting drugs into the jail.


Drugs inside our jail pose a number of serious problems. One, an inmate who is high is several times stronger than the average inmate, requiring a team of officers to take control rather than a couple. Inmates who have access to drugs can force others to sell the drugs, helping to spread the problem throughout the facility. The more money they make, the more they can use it to get access to other types of contraband that they need.


Securus Technologies was contracted to install the inmate telephone monitoring system in the prison. The system is currently in over 2,000 jails around the country, and the LBS software can do the work of several officer. This can free up resources to attack the problem head on.


Now that we could listen to the inmates on the phone more intently, we discovered chatter about which visitors were being tapped to smuggle things to the inmates in the visitor center. We learned what inmates were hiding contraband in their cells, and which were using drugs at night. Our team was even able to discover where inside the jail things were being hidden in plain sight.


Once we started to learn how the system picked up on those key phrases, it became clear that we had a new electronic partner who was on duty all the time now.


Securus Provides Inmates With The Most Important Thing in Their Lives

Even inmates have families and people that they want to keep in touch with. One of the worst things about being incarcerated is that people are going to be separated from the ones they love. Fortunately, Securus is aware of what such a separation can do to an individual. Therefore, they have done everything they can to make sure that the inmates have a way to connect with their family. They need to have some kind of hope and warmth to hold onto in the coldness of incarceration. Securus has also did everything they can to bring forth the latest in technology.


Securus has not only provided inmates with ways to reach their family with phones. They have also set up video conferencing so that the inmates will be able to see their family. This is especially important for inmates that are going to be incarcerated for a long term. In this case, the inmate can keep up with the development of their children. This also allows their children and their family to see them. That way, they will be more prepared for the eventual return of the person to their family and home. This is one thing that keeps inmates from losing hope.


Securus has long been involved in the correctional industries. Therefore, they make sure that the inmates are actually getting the correction they need. While prisons are known for just punishing their inmates, Securus is putting the focus on being able to help the inmates actually develop skills that are needed to be productive when they get out of prison. When prisoners have hope and a direction to go in, they will be able to rebuild their lives in ways that will replace what has been lost when they have been incarcerated. Even long term jail can be adjusted from.