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Study Reveals Advertising Effects on PodcastOne Audiences

As media habits change and new outlets open up, businesses are exploring new methods of reaching new customers and abandoning advertising habits from the world before the explosion of the internet.

Norman Pattiz, Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, has seen changes in advertising habits in older forms of media and sees it ready for another change through networks like his. In order to collective hard evidence of this new area of advertising he reached out to Edison Research to perform a study of its listeners and their receptiveness to advertising.

Edison Research issued a pair of surveys to listeners of PodcastOne, one to be completed before ad campaigns for five different brands were run, the other when said campaigns had concluded. This study was tiered to better track brand recognition, messaging power, and the rate at which listeners became consumers of five specific brands.

Edison Research found an increase in all markers among listeners from internal numbers collected in 2015. Results found that listeners of PodcastOne programming were able toidentify the specific brands tracked by as much as a 47% increase over the previous year. This was complemented by boosted awareness of the brands’ messaging as well as an 18% increase in positive opinion.

The study concluded that by advertising on PodcastOne businesses were able to better get their brands in front of consumers and deliver a message that urged listeners to action. It’s an increase over the year before, an observation that takes on greater significance as the audience of PodcastOne programs grows.

Pattiz has commented on similar observations in the past. In a recent statement he clarified his reasoning in going to Edison Research to conduct this study. Pattiz has noted the growth of PodcastOne’s audience over the years, and having spent a career in broadcasting, he hoped the numbers will show businesses the benefit of becoming sponsors to the podcasts in this network.

About Norman Pattiz:

Norman Pattiz is an American businessman known for his career in radio. With decades of broadcast experience behind him, Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment and started the online platform PodcastOne. His contributions to American broadcasting landed him an appointment by President Bill Clinton to the Broadcasting Board of Governors in 2000.

For a long career in managing and innovating radio in the United States, Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of fame and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award by the Library of American Broadcasting in 2009.

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