Eva Moskowitz’s Contribution to Public Education in the US

Eva Moskowitz has played a big role in the improvement of public education in the US, and she is still as passionate about education as ever. She is particularly known for her success with the charter schools movement, the most recent development being the Success Academy in New York. Eva holds a BA in history from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in history from Johns Hopkins University.


Soon after she was done with her studies, she began teaching history in various universities, including the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, City University of New York, and Columbia University. Through her school years and her 10 years’ experience as a professor of history, she got firsthand experience of the US public education and felt that it was lacking in many aspects. This is where she got the motivation to start the charter schools movement, which aims to improve public education by privatizing it.


Eva Moskowitz was a member of the Upper East Side, New York, City Council between 1999 and 2005. She was the chairperson of the Education Committee, and made major reforms to education in the city during her tenure. In 2012, she co-authored Mission Possible with Arin Lavinia. Eva Moskowitz is passionate about education and works with a number of organizations which are focused at improving public education in the US. She is a member of the Students First NY board. She also runs the Great Public Schools Political Action Committee, which provides financial support to charter schools.




Running the charter schools has been a challenge for Eva Moskowitz but she will stop at nothing to ensure that students get the quality of education they deserve. She appeals to the government to improve non-charter schools so as to improve students’ academic performance and bring them up to par with the rest of the world. Despite the numerous challenges that Eva Moskowitz faces, she continues going strong and fighting even harder for the betterment of public education in the US.



Talk Fusion Gains Ground With Wide Spectrum of Consumers

Talk Fusion has become the company that people are talking about quite a bit. It has made it easier for business owners to conduct video conferencing sessions with employees that may not be in the same geographical location. It has also help entrepreneurs market their business through video email newsletters. Even home owners can benefit from the personal use of Talk Fusion to send video messages to other family members or simply engage in video chat through this software. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/


Talk Fusion has become one of the most successful companies to engage consumers in a better way to communicate. CEO Bob Reina is certainly doing his part when it comes to building a better communication platform. He has been able to help people find a better way to connect with consumers because he has put a lot of time and effort into the building of a better video resolution with great real time connectivity. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate


There are going to be a lot of people that will take a look at what Bob has done with Talk Fusion and embrace the great amount of simplicity that goes into this effective software solution. Many people have complained that software that is used for video conferencing is somewhat complex to set up. Bob knew that it would be easier to attract a whole nation of software users that needed video conferencing if he could make it easier to use. He realizes as someone that did not have a technology background that there was going to be a need for software that was not going to be overly complicated. This is the main reason that he put so much time into making sure that the software would be able to connect with users even if they were not technologically savvy. It appears that this may be one of the reasons that this software has been able to become a global force in the technology World. Talk Fusion has become something that is used in school systems and businesses around the world. It is a very prolific software platform for video conferencing and email video newsletter marketing.

Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial

Bruno Fagali’s Successful Legal Career

Bruno Fagali is a highly acclaimed lawyer from Brazil. His success has, however, not come on a silver platter. He has attended several colleges and universities to acquire the skills that are attributed to him. In 1997, Bruno Fagali attended the Canadian International College where he learned the English language. He took further studies in English in 2001 at the Mohawk College to improve his knowledge. Between 2004 and 2008, he undertook a Bachelor of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.

During the same time in 2008, Bruno Fagali studied electoral law at the Brazilian Society of Public Law. In 2009, still at the Brazilian Society of Public Law, he studied Parliamentary Law. Between 2010 and 2012, he attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, where he specialized in administrative law. He is an alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo. He graduated from the institution with a Master in Law of the State, Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law.

Bruno Fagali’s massive education has assured him of a variety of jobs in his life. He started his career in 2007 at the Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm in Sao Paulo Brazil, where he served for one year. He furthered his internship at the Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers from 2008 to the end of 2009. His hard work finally paid off in 2012, when he was employed as a lawyer at the Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia still in Sao Paulo.

In 2016, Bruno Fagali decided to quit formal employment and started his own law firm; Fagali Advocacy. Apart from running his own law firm, he also is a Corporate Integrity Manager at New/sb, which is one of the largest advertising firms in Brazil. His role is to design and oversee the implementation of the Corporate Integrity Program. his specialization are in Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Electoral, and Anti-corruption Law.

Read more at https://jota.info/artigos/a-etica-e-as-agencias-de-publicidade-21032017.

How to Grow a Nest Egg

$1 million was wagered by Warren Buffet for the benefit of charity that he will get a better return for his investment than a group of hedge fund managers. The bet looks like it is leaning in the favor of Warren Buffet thus far and more information click here.

According to Buffet, there are just far too many funds that are too expensive and that actually shortchange its investors. Buffet has an approach of bottom-up investing that involves analyzing companies and building a better portfolio. This method has proven to be a successful one over the years and is the one that Buffet chooses to stick to. Buffet has a message to invest and stay invested and to save for retirement and learn more about Timothy.

In a recent shareholder letter, Buffet offered a valuable perspective on this topic and advised to be very wary of product labels. Many mutual funds only give a so-so return in the long-run mostly thanks to incredibly high management fees and trading. The risks that come with these funds are either unknown or greatly underestimated as well and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

The key is to get good long-term investment returns and you need to keep your costs as low as possible in order to achieve this. Passive index returns are not as safe as they once were thought to be and they do not offer a cushion against down markets so it’s best to be wary of these types of funds. Only about half of the 1200 investors in these funds were even aware that these funds exposed them to 100 percent of the losses during market downturns. It is far better to do better than most investors in bad times in order to grow your nest egg in the long run. The average managed fud has done worse than the market overall but there are some exceptions to this statement and resume him.

Timothy Armour has been working for Capital Group Management for 34 years and holds his bachelor’s degree in economics. He attended Middlebury College and he was also a participant in The Associates Program at Capital as well. He is now chairman and executive officer of Capital Group.

More visit: https://www.americanfunds.com/advisor/insights/market-commentary/tda-rwl-qavolatility.html

Securus Technologies Stopping Drug Flow in Prison

In order to keep the drugs out of prison, me and my fellow corrections officers have to stay vigilant and really be aggressive in our efforts. These inmates spend every minute of every day behind these walls, so they have the advantage of time on their side and being able to spot weakness in the system. Despite our best efforts, it seems like the inmates have developed more ways to outsmart us as far as getting drugs into the jail.


Drugs inside our jail pose a number of serious problems. One, an inmate who is high is several times stronger than the average inmate, requiring a team of officers to take control rather than a couple. Inmates who have access to drugs can force others to sell the drugs, helping to spread the problem throughout the facility. The more money they make, the more they can use it to get access to other types of contraband that they need.


Securus Technologies was contracted to install the inmate telephone monitoring system in the prison. The system is currently in over 2,000 jails around the country, and the LBS software can do the work of several officer. This can free up resources to attack the problem head on.


Now that we could listen to the inmates on the phone more intently, we discovered chatter about which visitors were being tapped to smuggle things to the inmates in the visitor center. We learned what inmates were hiding contraband in their cells, and which were using drugs at night. Our team was even able to discover where inside the jail things were being hidden in plain sight.


Once we started to learn how the system picked up on those key phrases, it became clear that we had a new electronic partner who was on duty all the time now.


Samuel Strauch And His Entrepreneurial Vision That Shaped Metrik Holdings

Samuel Strauch, an investor and real estate entrepreneur, based in Florida, is known for his vision that shaped his real estate firm called Metrik Holdings. When he founded Metrik in 2002, Strauch noticed the South Beach is growing as a resort town and saw the opportunities in real estate business there. Samuel Strauch also had a great contact with Latin American people, and that helped him to secure a sizable number of investors and customers from the South American countries. It was also easier for him to attract them as most of them considered Miami as a gateway to North America.

While coming to his vision, Samuel Strauch explains that the perception of people regarding the way they live, the way they travel are going to through a rapid transition. He wants to collaborate with industries or technologies that can adapt to the requirements and expectations of the people of current times. Samuel Strauch pointed out that the popularity of shared office space in the recent years is an example of this change. People are now accepting convenient office solutions rather than going to traditional offices. Strauch designs projects that can accommodate the peoples’ changing needs.

Samuel Strauch believes that transparency, accountability, and collaboration are not just ideals, but they are the required constituents for every relationship. He says that even if he speaks with investors, vendors, partners, or his team members, he has to be open and make everyone know what his plans are and what is he executing. However, considering the nature of real estate industry, many players are not found to in favor of transparency in their operations. Samuel Strauch thinks that to become successful, people have to create a win-win situation for their investors, partners, vendors, and more.

Strauch started the career in the banking industry, but later joined the family real estate business based in South Florida. His Metrik Holdings offers comprehensive real estate solutions including equity sourcing, development, acquisitions, brokerage of real estate, and management in Latin America and South Florida. Samuel Strauch completed his Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University and secured his Master’s in Business from Harvard University.

For more information about Samuel Strauch, just click here.

Karl Heideck and Court Litigation

A litigator is the lawyer who represents defendants and plaintiffs before judges in civil court cases. They handle the process of bringing a case to court and seeing it through to its conclusion. There are several phases of a court case that they handle which includes pre-trial, discovery (where each side investigates the facts of a case and gathers evidence), as well as arguing their client’s case in the trial itself. After the trial is complete the litigator also handles the settlement of the case. Also, if the other side files an appeal, than the litigator will handle that as well.

Karl Heideck is an attorney that specializes in litigation as well as compliance and risk management. He obtained his Bachelors in English Language and Literature/Letters from Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck than went on to obtain his JD., Law from James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. While at Temple University Karl made the Dean’s List of 2009.

Upon graduation Karl got his first work experience as an Associate at Conrad O’Brien. In this job he worked in various roles as a litigator, including handling cases of white collar crime and government investigations. He was able to use this experience to gain a position at Pepper Hamilton LLP as a Project Attorney. In this litigation role Karl Heideck also handled government investigation and white collar defense in addition to such things as bankruptcy cases and pharmaceutical litigation.

After four years Karl Heideck was able to parlay his years of litigation experience into being a Contract Attorney at national law firm Grant & Eisenhofer, PA. In this position Karl focuses on the discovery phase for court cases involving complex securities fraud and banking litigation. Karl Heideck has now been licensed in General Practice for eight years in good standing.

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Investing in Gold

The U.S. money reserve holds a strong reputation. The reserve serves as one of the nations most popular distributors in the nation. The reserve delivers foreign government-issued gold, silver and platinum legal tender products.

Many distributor rely solely on the U.S. money reserve to remain in business and profitable. The U.S. money reserve is so popular beyond just the basics of who they are, because they have equipped their staff with the ability to track down products with the highest potential profit for those in the business of buying and/or distributing precious medals.

The goal is well established to keep long-relationship standings with the customer, and to provide a high level of customer service. Goals are defined, the market is researched, and the company goes to work. The company has now reached of 400,000 satisfied customers, with that number rapidly growing.

The team consists of experienced account executives,industry leading numismatic expert,the customer relations department, the inventory department, the vault and shipping department, coin research professionals, the order verification personnel, and the compliance and standards department. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/

All of the individuals are willing and ready to step up and hep the next respected customer in need. The team works solely on providing the customer with the most probable value increase through the upcoming years. The benefits of investing in these medal can come in a range of reasons. History has showed precious medals being safeguarded during times of economic downturn.

Now is the time! Precious medals are quickly going away in the world. Getting into the investment of these coins can ensure a wealthy future for yourself or even your family generations to come. Gold specifically can represent real money. Gold follows the trend of inflation. Gold holds its value and follows the inflation.

These is a security many other investments may not be able to provide to any individual. The customer service is not there to be pushy, they are there to ensure this is the route each customer would enjoy going. This company remains dedicated to their customers and allow for the gold to be in possession of the investor.

Securus Provides Inmates With The Most Important Thing in Their Lives

Even inmates have families and people that they want to keep in touch with. One of the worst things about being incarcerated is that people are going to be separated from the ones they love. Fortunately, Securus is aware of what such a separation can do to an individual. Therefore, they have done everything they can to make sure that the inmates have a way to connect with their family. They need to have some kind of hope and warmth to hold onto in the coldness of incarceration. Securus has also did everything they can to bring forth the latest in technology.


Securus has not only provided inmates with ways to reach their family with phones. They have also set up video conferencing so that the inmates will be able to see their family. This is especially important for inmates that are going to be incarcerated for a long term. In this case, the inmate can keep up with the development of their children. This also allows their children and their family to see them. That way, they will be more prepared for the eventual return of the person to their family and home. This is one thing that keeps inmates from losing hope.


Securus has long been involved in the correctional industries. Therefore, they make sure that the inmates are actually getting the correction they need. While prisons are known for just punishing their inmates, Securus is putting the focus on being able to help the inmates actually develop skills that are needed to be productive when they get out of prison. When prisoners have hope and a direction to go in, they will be able to rebuild their lives in ways that will replace what has been lost when they have been incarcerated. Even long term jail can be adjusted from.


Why Sam Tabar Shines as the Capital Strategist

Sam Tabar is an experienced capital strategist from New York .He is also a licensed senior attorney general. Tabar attended Oxford University graduating with BA and MA in law back in the year 2000. He also received an LLM from the Columbia law school. Sam Tabar has shown a vast expertise in business management and capital strategizing helping companies achieve incredible profits and revenues in a short duration.

Sam has worked for Companies like SPARX and Bank of America taking high positions in the firms. Although new in the career, he put a good record in the two enterprises by achieving the biggest accomplishments.

In SPARX, Sam was acting as the managing directing taking the responsibilities of the global marketing, which saw the company witness a significant revenue increase and more than 2000 new potential investors. Sam also took full responsibilities of funds in the Bank of America and the firm got an increase in new investors by 1250 and proper management of resources.

Tabar provides advice to investors in capital strategizing and using the right business model. He knows how to create solid plans and work on them until they become a flourishing business. Through his marketing skills, Companies have benefited much in his ideas through getting an increase in the number of new investors, growth in revenue, good financial and of the firms.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar uses business models which have concerns about some global issues and help encourage the people to think of them and give back through purchasing of the products. In some of his projects like SheThinx and a Full Cycle Energy Funds, Sam addresses the girl child and on the environmental concern respectively.

SheThinx is a plan providing sanitary towels to no- going school girls while full cycle Energy Funds provide cheap and environmentally friendly fuel. Sam has to be an active member of the community providing leadership and support to the people. He also puts efforts to ensure that financial sectors support the society to grow.

Learn more about Sam Tabar: http://icrowdnewswire.com/2016/11/10/sam-tabar-become-awearable-apparels-new-chief-financial-officer/