Daniel Taub: A Diplomat and a Role Model

In 1962, Daniel Taub was born in England. He served as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, and he served from June 2011 to September 2015.

Mark Regev succeeded him, and even if he served for only two years, the immigrant population of Israelis in the United Kingdom considers him as the best diplomat to date.

Aside from being an ambassador, Daniel Taub is also working as an international lawyer and a well-known author. He also runs his own business, and he is an active participant in philanthropic activities in Israel.

It is his life mission to ensure peace between the nations, and the improvement of the relationship between Israel and the states which established formal relations with them.

After his career as an Israeli diplomat ended, he immediately traveled back to Israel and worked in Jerusalem. He served as a Director of Strategy and Planning, working under the Yad Hanadiv Foundation, or the Rothschild Foundation.

During the days when he was the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, he did everything to improve the relationship between the two states. They are opening some dialogues that talks about the migrant population living in the two countries, how business and trade can improve, and the offering of educational scholarships for British and Israeli citizens.

The community of Israelis living in the United Kingdom stated that Daniel Taub is one of the best diplomats that were sent to the country for service. They felt secure when he was in charge, and he is backing the Israelis against discrimination and Anti-Semitic attacks. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He even visited the city of Bradford, known as an anti-Israeli city in the United Kingdom and he spoke with the mayor to ensure the safety of the citizens.

He also pointed out the hateful speeches from George Galloway, the individual who declared that the city would be hostile against the Israelis. He then spoke with the Israelis living in Bradford and assured them that he would be doing everything that he can to protect them.

Aside from protecting the people living in the United Kingdom, he is also responsible for the improvement of trade and commerce between the two countries.

He is an effective diplomat, and he contributed a lot in the improvement of the relationship between Israeli and the United Kingdom. After the service of Daniel Taub, the people of the United Kingdom thanked him for his service.

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Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub

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