Joel Friant: Habanero Champion, Entrepreneur and Mentor

Joel Friant is a free market enthusiast with a knack for product creation, home based business entities and success training. He is an entrepreneur who strives to help others succeed in their ventures be it personal or professional. He ventured into the restaurant line of business in 1995 after a short period in the real estate sales and home remodel industry. It is during this period that he created the ‘Fast Food Thai Concept’, branding himself as ‘The Thai Guy’. He successful developed and grew the brand before expanding his investment horizon to new opportunities.


He later took his passion to the next level with the conceptualizing the Habanero Chile Pepper in a spice brand. He created and sold a unique flavor; The Habanero Shaker. After a series of successful sales of his product in major retail outlets in Washington State, Joel moved on to real estate buying, selling and renovations. He became one of the top most sales person in the sector. Joel Friant later diversified his investments with the formation of a unique mortgage lending company. He has also held a number of online seminars. In 2012, he took a course in online sales on eBay and Amazon thereby selling his Habanero Shaker and other products through these channels. Joel is currently engaged on a full time basis in success training and putting his ideas to reality by assisting other people understand the crypto- currency concept and block chain work while continuing with his passion for Habanero Shaker.

Habanero Shaker: Spicing Up a New Spice Brand

The Habanero Shaker idea began when a high school friend gave him his first Habanero. Prior to that, there were no 100% Habanero shakers being sold. Most were a mix of salt and other flavorless spices. The spice is the most popular worldwide. It also has more balance in terms of flavor and heat. Habanero’s average scoville unit is 200,000. This comes from the capsaicin molecules produced in the placenta ridges and not seeds as originally thought. Habaneros belong to the Chinense species of pepper which has one of the highest concentrations of capsaicin which triggers the production of endorphins by the brain. These chemicals act as the body’s natural painkiller leading to a soothing effect and calming effect.