Hussain Sajwani is a Man of Global Success Yet Simple Lifestyle

Hussain Sajwani is a man of simple tastes and even simpler lifestyle. In fact, his Dubai offices, which are decorated in a spartan manner, to say the least, seem like a jarring juxtaposition to the elaborate and over the top properties that he is known for developing in the city and around the region. From super premium luxury hotels that are at the top of the worlds best registries, to golf courses that have waiting lists to play on for the worlds richest and most powerful, the properties that DAMAC develop are known for being among the gold standard for luxury and sophistication. Sajwani himself is also now publicly for his boisterousness, and for his often over the top gimmicks in prompting his properties, such as his now world famous “buy a condo and get a Bentley” promotion to bolster sales of one of his Dubai ultra-luxury residential developments.


The man in private, however, is very different. His offices do not have accolades and achievements on display, although to be sure he has more than enough, but rather pictures of him with his children, his friends and business associates, and those who he has helped through charitable giving over the years. There is one item that holds a special place of pride for Sajwani however, one accolade that he does display and it says a lot about the man who earned it. In the lobby of the company’s offices, in a simple case sitting unobtrusively is a small plaque. The award itself is rather cheap by the standards that such things are judged, just a piece of polished wood with a brass plate attached. But the meaning behind it holds the entire world for the man whose name it bears. The inscription reads… In recognition of outstanding food service performed to the United States army during Operation Desert Storm. The plaque was given to Sajwani during the first Iraq war. It was the first major job that the firm which is now known as the DAMAC Group undertook.


It was during that time that Sajwani decided that he would not take pride in further recognition for the work that he did in his business empire, but rather he would take pride in the work that he does for the people of the world that his success makes possible. It is that desire to good works that brought him and the company to answer the call of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister and Vice-President of the UAE. The Sheikh’s Ramadan initiative to provide clothing and other goods to needy and underprivileged children around the world spoke to the heart of Sajwani and led him and the DAMAC group to issue a check of AED 2M to help make the campaign and success.


This is just one example of the type of work that the DAMAC Owner and those closest to him regularly undertake to give back to the world that has given them so much. From humble roots to global success, Hussain Sajwani has remained true to his foundational principles of family, faith, and peace.


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Unusual Features in Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping

It can be fun to find something that in a mall that is unusual for a mall to have. When going to Manaira Shopping from Roberto Santiago, there are quite a few unusual features. One of the most unusual features is the concert hall. While many malls do have designated spaces for events, it is very unusual for there to be an actual hall in a mall. This has been one of the most unique additions to the mall in most recent times. However, this has not been the first time a mall has added something new to the deal.


There was a time when it was uncommon for malls to have movie theaters. Nowadays, many of the larger malls have movie theaters. One thing that is important to understand is that there is always some kind of effort being put towards innovation. This type of innovation is what keeps people coming back to the malls. While malls still offer fashion as their primary products and services, there are plenty of other features that malls offer. People now go to malls for entertainment along with the clothing stores. Many people also find plenty of good food at Manaira Shopping. Another unusual feature is that Manaira Shopping has a school in the mall.


One of the best aspects of shopping at Manaira Shopping is that people are able to save money on some of the best items. They can find some of the most unique items without having to spend a significant amount of money. There are quite a few stores that offer some of the most stylish and elegant items at a bargain. This is one of the selling points of Manira Shopping.


The owner of Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago has built his mall with the dream of attracting people of all walks of life. He has built it to have some very unique stores and items for people to explore. As customers visit the mall, they will see that a lot of creativity has gone into the construction of the mall. People with unique and artistic ideas are encouraged to shop at the store.