In Stepfathers Memory, a Gordonstoun Pupil Fundraised £3,000 for Brain Tumour Research

The eighteen-year-old Scarlett Sykes from Buckie raised funds for brain tumour research in memory of stepfather Paul Malcolm, who died aged forty-eight last year.

Ms Sykes joined a girls’ team to run 19km from Blackpool to Blackpool Tower, with each student paying £25 to take part.

Her personal goal was to raise £2,000, but once she put a £5 voucher for ice cream in a raffle, she managed to raise £3,000.

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She raised £3,000 for brain tumour research in memory of stepfather Paul Malcolm, who died aged 48 last year.

“I was inspired by the Gordonstoun tradition of doing a run, in memory of somebody,” Ms Sykes said.

“My stepfather had cancer, and unfortunately, he lost his battle.”

The fund-raising effort was also the brainchild of Ms Sykes’ brother, Oliver, now twenty, and was launched in March.

“The school holds one a year, and it is trendy.

I am sure this is the first time I have taken part in the run. My stepdad was diagnosed in August 2016.

It is close to my heart as I went to Gordonstoun, and he took me there when I was little.

After he passed away, we spent so much time looking at Gordonstoun, and that was how we decided on the early start.

He was from the Highlands, so he loved the freezing Scottish mornings. It is just a very kind and positive way to remember him,” said Sykes.

Paul had moved to Moray to join the NHS and had worked at Elgin Royal Infirmary.

Cancer developed at first as a painless lump on the side of his head but spread.

Four days after Paul’s funeral, she lost her beloved horse, Izaac, to a muscle-wasting condition. “Izzy’s death was so hard on me.

Paul was never without his horse.

So, losing Izzy in the same way as he lost Paul hit me hard,” says Scarlett.

The running to fund brain tumour research in memory of Paul in conjunction with Brain Tumour Research was organized by Mrs Avril McGregor, a science teacher at Gordonstoun and, like Ms Sykes, who helped organize the Easter-egg trail.

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