Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Take on the Tough Times

Haroldo Jacobovicz is always attentive and observant to certain aspects. He has a unique perception of the world because he takes time to internalize different scenarios, project decisions, and spotting unique trends. This trait guides Haroldo Jacobovicz to follow the business, economic, and investment news to make formidable conclusions.

Controversial times over the coronavirus pandemic, Haroldo Jacobovicz intensified the exercise since many alterations in dynamics, schedules, and behavior happened. Currently, people are needed to assess the pandemic in an advanced manner to reassess another vision because some tough times lie ahead.

Haroldo Jacobovicz has been in the tech sector since 1980 and is a great innovation enthusiast thanks to technology, he has been transformative and responsible for making the world a better place. Technological developments have brought about growth, minimal inequalities, and upgraded insight into knowledge. Technology also promotes information exchange efficiently, quickly, organically, and democratically and more


In Brazil, several developments have happened, compromising the recent developments realized because of the 2014 commercial recession that even worsened when the ravaging coronavirus pandemic set in. From August 2019, a certain survey was done that showed interesting data for the early stint of 2021.

The Brazilian average income dropped tremendously to R$995. This was the first instance for the monthly income to go below R$1,000. This was showcased in the welfare indicator that registered a 19.4% drop in just a year in the wake of the crisis. Similarly, the world is in a challenging period in history, and more digitization in different industries is happening. Social distancing has triggered the emergence of new working models to facilitate better product sales for overall business survival.

According to Anatel, internet use over the crisis augmented by approximately 50%. Advanced sales realized by ventures come from the online environment like social networks, marketplaces, and communication avenues like WhatsApp among other digital commercial tenets.