Eric Lefkofsky is Helping to Fund the New Steppenwolf Theatre

The Steppenwolf Theatre Company is one of the most important theaters in the United States. The Steppenwolf Theatre Company is where performers from all over the country hone their skills. That is something that Eric Lefkofsky knows well. He knows this is one place that is near and dear to the hearts of Chicagoans. 


That is why Eric Lefkofksy is helping with a brand new funding effort. As one of Chicago’s most successful residents, he would like to do all he can to give back to the community. This is why he stepped up to the plate and offered the funds the theater needs in order to serve the community even better. He is donating ten million dollars to the cost of a new theater. 


Helping Others 


Helping others is something that he cares about deeply. The new theater costs over fifty-four million dollars. The in-the-round theater has seating for many guests. In honor of his contributions it is going to be called the Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Arts and Education Center (Youtube). 

The actual theater is going to be called the “Ensemble Theater in Honor of Helen Zell.”  Over the years businessman Eric Lefkofsky has been involved with many important arts projects in the area. He is a supporter of the arts in Chicago. Eric Lefkofksy also donates his time by serving as the chairman of the Steppenwolf board of trustees. In this capacity, he helps raise funds and make sure the community’s needs are met. He helps promote involvement in the local art scene.