Citizen Founder, Andrew Frame

Formerly known as Vigilante, Andrew Frame reintroduced the world to Citizens, a self-awareness app. Andrew Frame introduced Citizen a year after apple took the app off market due its ideal of promoting vigilante activity. The app is now known to gather local reports from other emergency scanners, alike a police scanner, and inform users of emergencies and disasters that are happening around them.

Citizens has been downloaded by over nearly 234,000 users and more so since March 2021. Users are obtaining much trust from the app and gaining the ability to be protected at all measure when it comes to fires, flooding, and even COVID-19 exposures.

Andrew Frame spoke out about the app and ensured users that Citizens was most definitely not a product but more so a mission to his users that they would be protected, informed and safe at all costs upon downloading the app. Citizens even goes to extreme measures to offer free COVID tests to those who have yet to receive any testing. The app features a icon that allows for ‘happy moments’ where it showcases child abductions being returned to their parents and also showcases who the kidnapper was to ensure that others are aware of who to be around.

As the CEO and Founder of Citizen, Andrew Frame has spent much time during his adolescent years in Los Angeles and New York working towards a fully functioning self-awareness app. Frame began as a serial entrepreneur and expert software programmer in which allowed him to build his first company at the age of 15.

This threw Frame into a career of working with network infrastructure and he received a dual CCIE Certificate, as well a top technical certification at Cisco. Frame was deemed the youngest person ever to receive such awards, which only made his profession stand out more. See this article for more information.


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