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Mr. Cooper Overview

Formerly known as Nationstar, Mr. Cooper is a non-bank mortgage service provider that began in Denver, Colorado, in 1994.... Read More
Business Investment

Why Fortress Investment Group Has Remained Persistent with the Traditional Diversification Techniques

Investment diversification sounds like an old business strategy that various organizations are using as they continue to look for... Read More
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Simon Denyer; Award-winning Journalist, Author, and Human Rights Activist

In May 2020, Simon Denyer, a UK native journalist, and author hit the news headlines. Not for anything else... Read More

Andrew Lazarus is the New Owner of Beach Hotel Merewether

Andrew Lazarus, Sydney hotelier for the last 30 years, has just bought Beach Hotel Merewether. Lazarus said he was... Read More
Business Insurance Provider

John Ritenour Leads The Insurance Office Of America Into The Sports Industry

The insurance sector incorporates a wide variety of things that need to be covered. Its primary role is to... Read More