Bob Bull and UK’s Bungalow Boom

Bob Bull currently serves as the CEO of RoyaleLife, a UK-based housing company that has revolutionized housing for those age 45 and older. Bob Bull’s leadership has turned his company into the housing juggernaut that it is today. While many would say that housing is an industry where all the innovating has already been done, Bob Bull disagreed, and it’s his visionary plan for his company that has improved the lives of so many. Bob Bull realized that many older people in his country were facing problems with their current homes. Many older folks have to climb up and down stairs inside their homes every day that could present a potential fall risk. The solution to this problem that Bob Bull came up with is what has been deemed the “Bungalow Lifestyle.” A Bungalow is a single-story home that is perfect for retirees or those looking to downsize.

Bull and RoyaleLife brought their bungalow vision to life with their Home Part Exchange Scheme. The company will purchase a buyer’s current home for 100% of the home’s current market value, let the buyer purchase a bungalow, and will let the buyer keep the rest of the sales cost. RoyaleLife will take care of any fees associated with selling a home. This program, along with Bull’s visionary leadership, has allowed his company to construct over 64 bungalow developments with another 30 on the way. According to Bull, the key that has made his business so successful is that he employs only the best people and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. He encourages everyone on his team to share and openly discuss ideas in order to come to the best solution to a problem. Bull also credits getting ahead of the downsizing trend for the success of his company’s bungalow community model.