Asot Michael is Still Standing Up for the People

Asot Michael, elected official to the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda, and politics have been together since his youth. His entire family has played a role that worked towards equality for laborers and other members of the community. His early introduction would guide him to take various government positions and eventually represent the Saint Peter Constituency in parliament. Asot Michael dedication is proof that he stands up for the fair and equal treatment of the people. His open descent to the UPP and their reckless taxing is the main theme behind his platform. As a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP), Asot Michael’s voice is a lead for change.


The ABLP has been a force that counters foreign governments attempting to take advantage of the Caribbean Island’s resources. They also push for the political players that allow these governments to make decisions for them to leave office. Asot Michael aims to keep the resources inside and use them to benefit the nation. He promotes taking the frivolously spent money current officials waste to build up infrastructure issues being neglected. 


In the past decade, Asot Michael points out, the ABLP has been gaining representation in the Antigua and Barbuda government. They have been able to pay the debt that occurred from UPP’s careless actions including money owed to the IMF. According to Asot Michael, this allowed the nation to avoid sanctions and instead redirect profits (LinkedIn


These changes have allowed for advancements in educational opportunities, technology, and more. The utilities have been improved allowing for reverse osmosis technology helping advance water security. New and affordable housing has been made available as well as high-speed broadband further advancing opportunities. This past February Asot Michael addressed the parliament during the 2021 budget meeting. He discussed how fairness and equality are the only correct ideologies to follow. He also pointed out that some areas of Antigua and Barbuda are receiving services that are not available to all.