Advancing the Status of Women in the Law, Supporting and Improving the Administration of Justice, and Promoting Equality of the Sexes in our Society.


2016 Focus: “Advancement of Women in the Judiciary.” 


To better serve our mission, engage our members, and have a meaningful impact on our community, the NWBA will narrow our focus for 2016. 


For the last 15 years, women have been entering the legal profession in equal or slightly larger numbers than men.  However, since 2006, law firms have made no appreciable progress in the rate at which women are promoted to the role of equity partner and currently women comprise approximately 18% of equity partners. Nationally, the rate of women on state benches is 27.5%.  On most courts in Nebraska, women make up approximately 21% - 28% of judges. 


To promote the advancement of women in the judiciary, The NWBA wants to dispel the myth that gender equality and diversity on the bench “will just take time.”  The myth holds that once women enter the legal profession at the same rate as men, they will progress at the same rate to men.  However, this has not happened.  Women are not progressing through the legal profession in the same proportion in which they enter, or at the same rate as men.  The increase in the number of women in our profession has not been matched by a similar increase in the number of women in positions of power or in the judiciary.  

To accomplish our objective, we have identified the following activities and programming to advance the status of women in the judiciary in Nebraska, including:

  • Support for women to become members of judicial nominating commissions
  • Evaluate the current status of women in the judiciary in Nebraska
  • Educate our members on the judicial selection process
  • Hold panel discussions with current women judges to:
            - Encourage women lawyers to consider judicial careers
            - Provide clarity and transparency on the judicial nomination process
            - Address the ethical issues faced by judges and judicial candidates
  • Support for female judicial applicants


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The NWBA was founded in 1997 as the Nebraska Lawyer's Club.  It assisted in the adoption of a disciplinary rule for lawyers promoting gender equality.
Since its revival in 2008, the NWBA has begun new programs such as attorney mentoring.  As we move forward and expand our membership into the twenty first century, we invite all women attorneys and law students to join us and make a difference.  

Please click the link below to download a membership form. Complete it and mail it with your dues (or pay via PayPal) specified on the form to Angela Lennon at the address listed at the bottom of the form. Or you can contact us at  Discounted memberships are available for law students.